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Innovation In Travel Industry Post Covid

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Traveling is one among the main causes the Coronavirus has spread across the planet and, consequently, government restrictions on movement and tourist traffic became a general trend. additionally to the economic downturn, it’s the rationale why international tourism took a severe hit.

Considering the very fact that tourism is one among the most important and fastest-growing industries globally, an enormous effort should be undertaken for tourism to succeed in back to its core capacities within the present situation.

Things must be strategically addressed with proactive measures for tourism to regain socio-economic stability after the pandemic.

Consequently, there’s a good area of companies proposing changes, and mostly because the post-COVID tourists won’t be an equivalent as pre-COVID ones.

Innovative solutions regarding safety and hygiene measures, also because the proximity of medical facilities, are going to be of key importance in meeting the public’s expectations.

The following are few innovations required in travel industry post Covid.

Strategy to draw in attract tourists includes safety innovations

During a worldwide crisis, the tourism and hospitality industry usually takes the strongest punch.

Especially now, when this industry is closely correlated to the origin of the crisis, we will expect a good greater downturn.

The question that nobody seems to possess a solution to is how the changes within the industry are getting to affect the principles of the sport . Without a doubt, these changes will affect almost every aspect of the tourist’s travel and stay.

The character of the challenge this industry is facing can place greater emphasis on the security of travelers.

While major hotel brands already made significant progress during this area, others will need to follow too, to not underestimate the outcomes.

These innovations are getting to shape the new tourist experience. the great news is that technology innovations will have a shorter idea-to-market time since more and more industry leaders are turning to the help of innovation management software solutions.

Several hotels are already replacing staff with robots wont to deliver room service which during this situation represents the safer alternative.

New hygiene standards

Tourists buy experience so every hotel must accommodate their spaces with special attention to the security of their guests.

If this includes a possible horror disease experience, nobody are going to be curious about buying.

Face masks, hand sanitizer and other hygiene equipment should be available for guests in need.

Innovations within the front desk experience are bringing us a replacement way of welcoming guests with contact-free receptions.

It’s more likely you’ll encounter an device on your next trip rather than the type receptionist.

Domestic travel :A new exotic destination

The proximity of medical facilities will make tourists rethink the space they’re willing to travel and, in most cases, affect the rising demand for domestic tourism.

If the trend with closed international borders continues, it’s possible that folks will simply haven’t any other choice.

Outstanding opportunities dwell front of companies truly taking note of the customer voice and observing their behavior.

Innovative features placed to extend health security and well being will undoubtedly be supported technological solutions.

Getting to anticipate people’s needs and make predictive models, machine learning are often very useful.

The places already visited often evoke a sense of serenity and confidence.


Covid-19 will primarily accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

India’s travel and tourism industry contributes to about 9.2% of the India’s GDP.

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