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Impact Of COVID 19 On Travel

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In the sphere of infectious diseases, a worldwide outbreak could also be a worst-case scenario.

The entire world has become one family.

Therefore the market today is very competitive and interdependent upon the functioning of varied industries to foster its growth.

Tourism, one among the most important and rapidly flourishing sectors has been considered as a resistless industry.

As compared to other industries, the tourism industry gets more affected thanks to any internal or external shocks or distress.

During this regard, the newest outbreak of Covid-19 has caused anxiety across the planet .

A novel corona virus originated from the Wuhan province in China during December 2019, which posed a world public health emergency and had acquired the position of an awfully high-risk infectious virus.

The outbreak of Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel corona-virus, has expanded its roots to 195 countries with quite 10 million cases across the planet recorded as corona-virus positive as of this writing.

The pandemic caused various impacts worldwide.

The following are the three main impacts :

  • Economic Impact
  • Global Impact
  • National Impact

Economic Impact



It is believed that the spread of COVID 19 could set the travel and tourism industry back by 20 years

It warns that up to 120 million tourism jobs are in danger globally, with the economic damage likely to exceed $1 trillion in 2020 alone.

Whenever there has been any major impact on the economy of any country, tourism has always been the primary one to urge affected as people start to chop down on their travel budgets first.

However, tourism relatively had an immediate role to play when it involves COVID-19 which has widely spread most within the countries with a high number of tourists.

This pandemic is that the biggest challenge that any country has ever faced.

International travel might be adversely impacted by up to 25% this year which is like a loss of three months of travel.


Global Impact


The corona virus pandemic has imposed various travel restrictions worldwide.

This restrictions have an enormous impact globally.

According to the reports associated with COVID – 19 travel restrictions as of 20th April 2020, all the travel destinations worldwide have imposed the restrictions in response to pandemic.

45% of the destinations have totally or partially closed their borders for tourists.

30% of the destinations have suspended totally or partially international flights.

39 destinations (18%) are implementing the closure of border in an exceedingly differentiated manner.

National Impact


India may be a vast marketplace for travel and tourism.

India had experienced exponential growth in travel and tourism aided by different sorts of travel.

A nationwide lockdown was imposed on 25th March 2020 which brought a halt to all the ongoing activities in the nation.

Tourism sector in India generates significant revenue for the Indian economy besides contributing to the worldwide output.

Before the onset of the pandemic, everything was growing rapidly.

But the sudden announcement of lockdown affected the Indian economy.

With all the activities in India  resuming back to normalcy, travel industry would soon resume.



The world faces its biggest pandemic during a century also the sectors of the economy  can take an extended time to recover.

The tourism sector lookout will  depend on how rapid this virus spreads.

If the virus starts subsiding within the third and fourth quarter this year, we will predict that the tourism sector will recover partially in 2021, but will take an extended time to recover completely.

The tourism sector is driven by the psychology of individuals and is extremely sensitive to safety and security aspects.

Unlike other business sectors, tourism will take a extended time to return to normalcy within the recovery period because tourists got to make sure that things is basically safe and secure before they exit to travel again.




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